Software Engineer


Position Title : Software Engineer  
Job type : Permanent
Industry : Transportation
Location : Montreal metropolitan
Work timetable : 40 hours per week (from Monday to Friday, flexible hours possible)
Publication date : May 2019
Conditions : According to experience

Job Summary

You will have the role of technical leader in the solution to be delivered on the project, but also the role of team leader in the synergy and organization of the project.

You will make sure to guide the team members, regardless of their specialty, to converge towards a quality solution on time and on budget. This orientation must be clear at both the technical and management levels.

You will work in a dynamic and professional environment, promoting teamwork and using formal development processes. You will be a positive leader in the team and know how to manage interpersonal relationships so that the team can perform in a healthy environment. You will actively contribute to any other activity or project depending on the needs of the projects.


Tasks and responsibilities

  • As part of your job, you will be asked to:
  • Be responsible for analyzing software requirements by working in collaboration with the project engineer and system engineer;
  • Be responsible for the software architecture and test architecture considering inter-project reuse;
  • Interfacing with the project engineer to clarify client needs, specifications and deliverables;
  • Be responsible for planning and monitoring all activities related to its deliverables;
  • Supervise the implementation of the software and tests according to the process and development procedures
  • Support the project engineer in assessing the impact of change requests;
  • Monitor the development and day-to-day testing of local teams and teams in India;
  • Be responsible for raising the risks and measuring the performance of all the activities related to the solution delivered;
  • Be responsible for supporting the development team and the test team during complex issues.

Training / Competencies

  • Bachelor of Engineering;
  • Level of expertise high enough to lead the team technically, manage remote teams and develop embedded software;
  • seven (7) years of professional experience;
  • Experience in object-oriented software development, Linux and VxWorks;
  • Good knowledge of C / C ++, C # and Qt, as well as IP networking (UDP, TCP and IP);
  • Expertise in at least one area of specialization: requirements management, system integration (functional, physical, electrical) or system validation;
  • Excellent communication skills in English and French, written and spoken.
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